There are 8 downloads in the complete resource. They are large so give the web page time to load.

The card sets have a front & a back - the back is merely for identifying which set they belong to. The front contains the words required for the procedure. You may wish to print only the front & identify the back with a coloured dot from a marker. So when printing it is advisable to chose only the pages you wish to print.

You will need the ‘Procedures’ PDF for the instructions for all the other PDF card sets.

Use the top tool board - there isn’t much you can’t do with it. The arrows show two of the most useful tools.

Graphic of PDF top bar control buttons

You will need to mouse over the grey panel at the top of each PDF to reveal what you see above.


To reinstate systematic phonics into all infant classrooms throughout the English speaking world. That is, give the greatest number of children to best start in reading, making them fully independent readers and writers.


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